Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Awesome Artist You’ve Never Heard of 6/25/08

In my neverending quest to educate the masses, I’m taking this opportunity to start a new segment on Lewlessons, it’s called Awesome Artist You’ve Never Heard of. Every week I’ll post a new artist from a website I’m in love with called The website is completely free and you get to listen to tons of new music. And when you sign up tellem PartyPeeps sent you, I get credit and we all walk away happy. I do know that most of you are too lazy to go the website on your own so email me at with your name and I'll send you an invite.

If you want a sample of the jams you can hear listen to the radio below or to the right.You can also click My Playlist to see my personal favorite jams. The first artist is a group named Obadiah Parker. Here’s the Bio from there page.

Obadiah Parker is not what you’d expect. It’s tough to nail down their sound. With influences from artists like Stevie Wonder, Dave Matthews Band, Counting Crows, Miles Davis, and Bill Withers, their sound incorporates elements of funk, R&B;, gospel, blues, and folk through a singer/songwriter’s lens. Upon listening to this original and natural blend of styles you can’t help but admit that this band’s got soul.

The three members of Obadiah Parker have been together for seven years. Mat Weddle, Jessie Young, and Daniel Zehring met at a church in Scottsdale, Arizona

Here's the link to Obadiah Parker’s page. They cover Outkast’s Hey Ya. It is the best thing you’ll listen to all week. So give it a listen and leave me a comment telling me what genre you want me to tell you you should be listening to.

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Anonymous said...

So I checked out Obadiah Parker, and I am really diggin' it! I will be by to collect my 2 dollars tomorrow and discuss!

The Jean Nazi