Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Beginning of Something Amazing or Awful

So my first post to this newly created blog, I thought should mainly be about myself, and then things can spread out from there.

This “Social Experiment” start when I had lunch with a good friend of mine, Greg Meredith. Greg will be getting married in a couple of weeks and besides just catching up, he wanted advise and tips about the first few months of marriage. I offered what I felt were helpful suggestions and things to be aware of.
He responds, “That’s good stuff Lew, you should start a blog and call it ‘Life Lessons from the Lew, but you could put a picture of a toilet on there like the British Loo (hence the outhouse) like lessons from the crapper. I would love to read something like that.”

Now your asking yourself, “Ryan why would Greg need to ask you. Is it because of your charming wit, your keen observational skills, or is it because you got married last July?”

The correct answer is all three. On July 2nd 2007, I became the luckiest man on the planet. I got to marry Megan Thornburg (now Lewis, I’m a traditionalist.) I love my wife to no end. Not only does she tolerate me, she is the funniest woman I have ever met and she has a heart of gold.

And now just basic info so we can get on with the show. I have a full time job doing pseudo technical support. I currently live in a town north of Dayton Ohio, called Urbana. I hate it and can’t wait to move back to Dayton. It is the A-typical small American town, where there is like a dozen minorities and everybody keeps a watchful eye on them. I have a little sister and parents who live on opposite sides of the same town.

Any other personal information anyone wants to know email me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions. And that bring us to the conclusion of this first post. I’m really hoping that what this turns into is not so much an advise column, but more of a life column. “Ryan, what should I do about my crazy ex-girlfriend?” “Ryan, do you think of Fight Club is an accurate representation of the American male?” “Ryan, how can I become wise like you?” “Ryan, why do you have such a smartass mouth?”. please email me anything, I’ll post your question and hopefully an insightful and humorous response to help you sleep ever so slightly better at night.


Kyle said...


(had to do it)

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your first blog entry Ryan. Hopefully someday I can come up with a question so awesome that it will help you launch this blog into stardom. But for now, all I have is:

"If you were a hot dog, would you eat yourself?"

jrad said...

i may not know much, but i know i'm going to be enjoying this blog very much!!! i'm adding you to my google reader!!!!! hahaha

Anonymous said...

Yo, the minority thing in Urbana wwas funny because it was so true.

turdtsar said...

So Lew(II) since you have a direct connection to a loo maybe you have something here.

My question is this: If a plne left Seattle flying at 500MPH and another left New York flying at 650MPH where exactly would they crash into each other? I really need to know so I will not be in that location.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! If anyone wants to ask this guy something that is considered "a life lesson" should really take a good look at your life..and then run like hell!!!