Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back in 2 and 2 (who doesn't love Love Connection)

I know a wonderful woman named Carrie. Carrie needs a man. She's Smart and funny and has a great job. Someone date this wonderful woman. She loves traveling and obsessing over Dave Mathews. When she reads this she will kill me. So if you don't want me to die and you're a male between the ages of 32-44 and you'd like to take this hotty to dinner, contact me at or better yet leave a comment so she can read you pining over her.



Anonymous said...

That chick is foxy. I wouldn't throw her out of the bed for eating crackers, that's for certain. I might even buy her breakfast in the morning.

Frank the Tank

Anonymous said...

Okay Lew. After reading your blog in its entirety I have come to the conclusion... your posts have gotten better (more interesting, humorous, and readable) progressively. Props to ya! You have won me as a regular.

Please continue to dispense your infinite knowledge.

Oh, and I agree with Frank...the chick is a Fox.