Thursday, October 9, 2008


It makes me sad that these people live less then 3 hours from me. BARACK THE VOTE!!!!

you gotta love the women who looks like she has one foot in the grave getting grilled on the number of interviews between Obama and Palin. and the other lady who sticks her face in the camera like 8 times.

Luckily these people live more then 8 hours away.

Points of interest
1. the old man yelling "Commy Faggot"
2. the 3 dozen old people yelling "get a job!"
3. all of the OLD people on the verge of death.

the elderly are a burden on society, they serve no purpose.

Note: the guy carrying the acorn sign has about 1/8 of a single fact, has all of the real info. also the thing about busing homeless people from state to state was actually done in ohio, BY THE REPUBLICAN SECRETARY OF STATE.



Celia said...

OK... I am not sure who I will vote for yet... I am leaning toward McCain, I'll be honest. The thing about politics is that most of the people who are HUGE supporters of a certain person or party kind of become lemmings. (As shown in the videos.) Be aware that Barack supporters have said and done some nonsensical things too. For example: A volunteer from called me and in our conversation said 1. that the people in Preble County were stupid for being a "red" county (without finding out my political views or where I lived,) 2. assumed that I was poor, and explained how much Barack would help "people like me" out, 3. that ALL veterans support Obama, except for my dad, and 4. that Dan should get a different job with a small business and stop working for "the man" at Time Warner. Just remember that a political candidate should not be held to the idiotic things their supporters say. This guy did not change my opinion about either candidate, but he did give me quite a laugh!

Celia said...

PS, I figured out how to leave my name!