Monday, October 20, 2008

A Better Awesome Artist You've Never Heard Of

DJ Kinetik is the next Awesome Artist You've never heard of. With beats for days and lyrics that take several rotations to catch everything in this cat is waitin to BLOW UP!!!!
Below is an interview I did with Kinetik. it is unabridged, unedited, and is SOUL SINCERE.

When did you first get into hip hop?
---I first remember "Mind Playing Tricks On Me" by Geto Boys back in like 1991 riding with my mom when we lived in Victorville, California riding in a Chevrolet Astro! And that was it man! Soon as I heard that beat and the way the dude was talkin (rappin) I was hooked. Then I paid more attention to hip hop over the years listening to Outkast, Do Or Die, Bone, Wu Tang Clan, then later Jay-Z real heavy and Snoop. But I didn't want to rap on other people's beats so I started making my own when I was 15 and wrote to them. Been in it ever since.

What were/are some of your influences?
---James Brown! Parliament/Funkadelic, The Police, J Dilla, Kanye, Jay-Z, 2Pac, Weather Report, Human League, Talking Heads, Radiohead, Rick Rubin...uh, John Coltrane, Bob James, George Benson, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Stanley Clarke, Jaco Pastorius...Gershwin, Burt Bacharach, Hal David, Motown music, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder...Jodeci...uh Red Hot Chili ANYTHING! LOL

What do you think of the state of hip-hop and rap music today?
I think we need more soul in it. Lot of the music sounds plastic to me ya dig? Kinda like its just lacking that SOUL in it. But I like that people are seeing how far they can take the music...hell we got techno creepin in to the music, rock showing its face, more world instruments in the beats! Some people got orchestras on the records like Kanye, some just got FL Studio and some lil video games sounds and freak it like Solja Boy. That's what hip hop is to me! DOIN YOU!

Explain to me the story behind “nap town?”
Naptown is Indianapolis, Indiana (Called Indy, Nap, Circle City as well. I've been here since 2003 and this is my new city I call home and I love it! Living downtown looking at the skyline from my penthouse roof!

Also tell us about "We the Roses?"
We The Roses is from the line in Kanye's "Roses" on Late Registration. I believe in my family and keeping it soulfully together as the fabric of my being so instead of sending flowers, we the roses...the roses you would normally send to the house or funeral home or hospital. We GO there. We ARE there. WE the roses ya dig?

Listening to songs like “I Believe” it sounds like you have a strong faith, what can you tell us about it?
That's a track I got from my boy Rusty Redenbacher.

And basically I have faith in the Lord Almighty to guide my steps in His divine wisdom and glory...that's where my faith lies. And I secondly have faith in my hard work and dedication and creativity and honesty. Its taken me thus far with a lil confidence as well.

note from Lew: this is one of the first things I heard from Kinetik, check the video

Do you have any plans for a tour or an album?
---I try to keep stuff coming out on Facebook, just actually released Kinetik Presents...AD(illa)K Tribute To J Dilla. J Dilla is one of my favorite producers/emcees of all time. He passed a few years back so I'm just rapping on his music. All the beats are by him or from a J Dilla project. I freestyled most of the CD, about 75% of it. Took about 7 hours of recording split into 3 days over 3 weeks. Never forget the experience it was amazing.

Anything else you think our audience should know?
Check me out at and just stay tuned to Lew Lessons! Remember, you're gonna get honest SOUL MUSIC from me. I talk about my life that's how I keep it pure!

I'll continue to post new things from Kinetik as he makes them available. please leave a comment and show my man some love.


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