Sunday, December 21, 2008

Brooklyn Loves The World

This weeks sermon is a continuation of what we have already been discussing with a little bit of biblical reference involved. Below is an email I recieved from my man Cub after I had discussed the topic of people hating Christians for being such terrible people. It is unedited and I thank cub for sharing his heart and thoughts.

(Note: Brooklyn is what we call out Quad, which is sort of like a bible study)

After Brooklyn i was reading the next two chapters of Matthew i was up to and i happened to be at Matthew Chapter 23. The first section of the chapter is on "The Seven Woes." Which is the EXACT thing we are were talking about on on Thursday and discussing what's wrong with "Christianity" and why many people in the world have negative feelings about church and Christianity. And i think these seven woe's the Christ spelled out are EXACTLY what is wrong.

1.Shutting the kingdom of heaven in men's faces. (Mat. 23:13-14)

2.Making converts twice as much a son of hell as the converters themselves are. (Mat. 23:15)

3.Claiming that swearing by the temple is nothing, but claiming that swearing by the temple's gold is everything. (Mat. 23:16-22)

4.Obeying the minutiae of the law but neglecting the important facets (Mat. 23:23-24)

5.Being shallow (Mat. 23:25-26)

6.Hypocrisy (Mat. 23:23-27)

7.Claiming that they would have behaved better than their forefathers - even though they build and respect the tombs of those who murdered the prophets. (Mat. 23:29-36)

These are exactly what was wrong in the time of Jesus and the CONTINUE to be wrong today. Every single one of those is a problem with 'christians' and the church in today's time. As we talked about how was someone rebuke his brother when he's doing the same thing. We could look at any one of these and see them all over the place. The more i think about it the more i see hypocrisy in the 'christian' community.

How does this change? What needs to be done? How can people who stereotype christians by the bad experiences they've had or heard about change their heart?

Just some thoughts...

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