Sunday, December 14, 2008

Why People Hate Christians

These are two of the many examples of why everyday people hate Christians. Because we are a narrow minded, ignorant, better than thou group of people who know what's best for you and so you should listen to us you dumb bunch of sinners before you all go to hell.

Our first example comes from Alice Shannon of Soldotna Alaska, who writes:

here are a few responses from the people we need to be having the most sincere discussion with about some of our louder "representatives"

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you, Ms. Shannon!
It’s morons like you that help us “evil” folks illustrate how angry and hateful some so-called “Christians” can be.
If Jesus does exist, I believe he wouldn’t even cross the street to spit on dim-witted hate mongers like yourself.
Have a nice day!!!


What? That's like saying "I don't care if they have never started a fire, but kittens are the reason arson is rampant." One has nothing to do with the other.

the best response to this though would have to come from a man named Neal Coleman, who shares my exact response to this woman, and since he can say it better then I can I'll just leave it to him.

With Protestant Christianity our cultural religion, many Americans are raised, and indeed spend their whole lives, without meeting or getting to know even one atheist. Lack of experiential knowledge breeds fear, which in turn gives rise to resent and hatred. This is the source of Ms. Shannon’s sentiment, and that of those like her.

...In the end, it is ignorance of atheism and atheists that lies at the source of Ms. Shannon’s beliefs. I hope she meets an atheist at some time in her life and realizes just how wrong she is: that it is quite possible to befriend, and indeed love, as Christ would have it, someone whose beliefs are different from her own.

My second example comes from "The Honorable James David Manning, PhD" and he is the head pastor of the Atlah world ministries and he had this to say about President-Elect Obama

I would provide responses to this, but there weren't any that were articulate enough to be worth our time.

I don't care where you are with God, or if you've ever even had a conversation with him, I would love to start a Dialogue with anyone wants to share thoughts and opinions.
On behalf of every Christian you've ever met, I would like to personally apologize for there actions. We are all a broken, sinful group of people are less then you, not better.

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