Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I am not batgirl...

So I just wanted to let everyone know that I got bit by a bat Saturday night. I'll let that soak in for a sec, that's right, a bat.

Ryan and I were asleep and I felt something hitting my arm. I thought it was Ryan, but when I looked, his hands were nowhere near my arm. So then I thought, "Maybe I was dreaming," although I was really in denial. So I decided to just go back to sleep. A minute later, I hear the bathroom door creak. So I flip on my back and I see it fly over the bed. I thought maybe it was just a flutter in my eye or something (still in denial) but I saw it again. So I hit Ryan and said, "THERE IS A BAT IN THIS ROOM AND IT HIT MY DAGGON ARM!!!" So he wakes up and says "I see it too." Then it flew into the living room.

Ryan gets up and grabs the tennis racket. We've started keeping a tennis racket in the living room because this makes bat #4 this year. The bat flies in between the living room and the kitchen a few times and then disappears. Ryan calls upstairs to my dad and says "Oh Steve-O, we have a visitor... and it has wings" So while my mom is yelling "Shut that door!" my dad comes downstairs and they try to find the bat. But they can't. So we decide to go back to bed and barricade ourselves in our bedroom.

Sunday morning, I wake up and there is a scratch and a bite mark on my arm where I felt the bat flapping the night before. The bat came out again Sunday night while Ryan and I were gone but my dad still couldn't catch it. It was seriously the smartest bat ever. Ryan thinks they're being genetically engineered next door. So my dad decides to stay up until 5 in the morning to see if it will fly out again. It didn't. I wake up Monday to get ready for work and go into the kitchen to fix my lunch. I turn on the light and I see it hanging from the curtains. So I wake up Ryan and he gets the racket and hits it, but it flies out from under it, circles the living/dining room area a couple times and then decides to hide in our bedroom. And we can't find it again. So I finish getting ready while Ryan lies under the covers with a tennis racket in his hand waiting for it to come out. It doesn't.

I go to work and my dad stays home to wait for it to come out and it doesn't. I got home last night and went to the ER to be vaccinated for rabies. The doctor said it definitely looked like a puncture wound on my arm. So I get a tetanus shot and 3 shots in my hips of the vaccination. I came home from the ER last night and it still wasn't out and the kitchen had been blocked off with a sheet in case the thing tried to hide in there again.

So we have dinner and then go into the living room and wait. When it got dark, we turned the lights out and the TV down and waited. Then it came out. Ryan and my dad both didn't see it so I yell "There it is!!" and run into the bedroom and close the door so it couldn't fly back in there. From the bedroom I can hear my dad and Ryan swinging the tennis racket and then I hear, "You've got to be kidding me!" Apparently, the thing had disappeared again. So they move the quilt cabinet in the corner of the dining room and it's hiding in the corner underneath it. It comes out and Ryan smashes it with the racket while my dad gets a shoe and beats it to death. Then we put it in a mason jar to take to the health department. They'll test it for rabies and if it is negative, I don't have to get the other 3 shots. Needless to say, the 3 shots I got last night have made me feel very sick so I am home from work today. Thanks for the day off rabies!

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