Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Most Epic Battle of all time Commences Part 4

Hello guys and dolls, so I've finally gotten around to posting the next poll so we can finish this little project up. This round will be the one I'm most truly worried about simply because I think no one listens to any of these bands so no one will vote. but I vote and my vote is heaviest anyways.
I also put in a new feature for everyone. I changed how the polls go, so that means that everyone gets one extra vote per poll, SO VOTE AGAIN!!!
finally make sure you leave a comment so you can win so cash (see me look like a dumbass below) but more importantly then winning cash, you can stop DUG from winning the money, because it will break my heart to give it to him.

Since this is the last single round of brackets and we move to the big dog rounds next week I'm more then will to listen to suggestions to see how it should be setup. until next time.


Question of the day: do you remember the show "You Can't Do That on Television"? if so, what was your favorite part?


nancy said...

Hey Ryan,
NIN got my vote.

maybe you'll get enough readers that YOU will make money off your site.

Did you ever read:

This guy has thousands of readers. Your day will come!

Anonymous said...


why is there no "none of the above" vote for the polls? because those bands are not necessarily the "best of all time". there are quite a few you left out if you didn't know. you can blast Celia's humble comments but you don't blast mine? i'm heartbroken. and my favorite parts of Nickelodeon's "YCDTOT" has to be Alanis Morrisette's TV debut and the introduction to the opposites.


PS. "i don't know"
PSS. you're a BUM.

Megan said...

It's PPS not PSS, for Post Post Script.

Megan said...

And also, I agree with you, DUG, that there are many other bands that are better than the ones listed.