Friday, August 8, 2008

That's Hot

So first of all, let me say that I heart tomatoes. I got some from a guy at work and just ate one and it was delicious. Now onto the dumb comment of the day...

A lady at work today said that Paris Hilton was the reason other nations don't respect the United States. Let me put this into context. We were watching CNN at lunch and they were talking about the video Paris Hilton did in response to John McCain's political ad. (Ryan note: If you haven't see it, I embedded it below)

They were showing some comments that people had given and one said something along the lines of I'd rather have Paris Hilton in politics than John McCain in a sex video (which I totally agree with btw...eww). That's when the lady said that Paris Hilton was the reason other nations didn't respect the United States. And it wasn't like a "other nations don't respect the US because of things or people like Paris Hilton" kind of comment, it was a "Specifically, Paris Hilton is the reason other nations don't respect the US" kind of comment. While I do agree that Paris Hilton is an embarassment to this country, she is more than likely not the reason we garner such little respect from some nations. Most of it probably has to do with the moral compass (or lack thereof) of this country as a whole, as well as the crap job our nation's leader has done.

So, question of the day: Who/what do you think is responsible for our country's lack of respect?

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