Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Artist of our Generation

So Kyle freaking Borton and I got into discussion the other day about who we feel is the musical artist of out generation. This really got me thinking about all of the different options that could constitute such a title.
For example he said Blink-182, then he cried a single tear when I openly mocked him to his face. My first choice was the Foo Fighters. Now the more I’ve got to think about it I came up with other people like Justin Timberlake, Weezer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, ect. So what I’ve decided to do it to setup a bracket so determine the champion.

Now I know your thinking, “Ryan, how can I help, or more importantly, why should I care?” Well my dear and loyal readers ( all 8 of you) you shall decide the fate of this endeavor. Post on my facebook who should be included, or leave a comment on this blog, or email me at and we’ll setup a battle royale. I’ll leave the suggestion box open for one week, then the tournament will start,

I feel this could be something really cool, so take the time to participate in this, and I’ll post the results as soon as it’s finished.


Megan said...

seriously, let me proof read your posts before you post them...


Megan said...

and also I love you.