Monday, May 12, 2008

Sucks to be Them

In my never ending response to answer every reader question that is submitted, today’s question comes from Turdtsar, who writes.

"My question is this: If a plane left Seattle flying at 500MPH and another left New York flying at 650MPH where exactly would they crash into each other? I really need to know so I will not be in that location."

Well that’s a great question Turd. I did some math and have come up with the following calculations.

The plane leaving Seattle traveling at 500 mph, it would take approximately 5.5 hours to reach New York, but if we factor in the jet stream we can call it an even 5 hours.

The plane leaving New York traveling at 650 mph would take approximately 4.5 hours to reach Seattle, but again factoring in the jet stream we’ll say it’s an even 5 hours.

It’s 2,880 from JFK airport in New York to Seattle international, and traveling at the same speed, this leads me to believe that they would crash almost dead (haha) in the middle of their routes. Approximately 1,440 miles from Seattle is Sioux City, Iowa. So to finally answer your question

If a plane left Seattle flying at 500MPH and another left New York flying at 650MPH they would crash into each other in Sioux City Iowa.

I hope this helped you Turd and all you other readers. Now if any one has any questions like, “what career path should I chose?” or “How do I get a girl to like me?” or “ how do I stop wetting the bed?” please email me at or post a comment.
So in summation, if you had planned on traveling to Sioux City any time soon, don’t. and if you live in Sioux City Iowa, sucks to me you, move, God forgot about you people a long time ago.



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