Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Someone is Wasting their 15 minutes and it ain't Me

This weeks post comes from Kyle Freaking Borton (the lone voice of
the masses who repond to this EPIC blog)

Kyle writes:


You were a tad bit off in your math on this one, and me being a math
major and OCD out the ass, I had to do this problem...

The actual length between the 2 airports in 2414 miles straight line,
but with flight patterns mixed in (these would typically go up amost
to Canada ), we could say right around 3100 miles, and that's if the
flight patterns are basically identical.

Now, with the plane coming from Seattle at 500mph, a normal 6.2 hour
filght would be cut about 1.1 hours shorter by the jet stream from
being up north further. so we will say around 5.1 hour flight.

The JFK plane traveling 650mph would have right around a 4.75 hour
flight; but the jet stream and the winds from the great lakes, we
would have to add around 1.3 hours; so around a 6.05 hour flight.

Now, looking at the flight patterns, the only place the 2 planes
could possibly collide is around the Iron River/Crystal Falls, Michigan area ( Upper Pennisula ). Stupid Michigan . No one should
live there anyways. BUT back to the point... For the planes to
collide here, the one departing from Seattle would have to leave
about 25-30 minutes before the one from JFK.

SO the answer to that question is "nowhere. They would not hit each
other if they left at the same time."
Yes, It's retarded that I just worked this all out. But I had to
prove you wrong on that front. Oh, and you owe me a sweet prize.

The sweet prize that Kyle is referring to is my Marital thesis I
posted May 10th ( you can find it in the archives) where i stated the

"Whoever finds the hidden message, post it in the comments, and you’ll win a prize, a for real prize."

Well the real prize that I was going to present to the winner was a
whole blog post dedicated to them. Well guess what Kyle, since you
had to be such a smart-ass and go and correct me, congratulations,
this is your big expose, link this to your facebook so that everyone
can see your such a big internet celebrity. Chocolate rain and 2
girls 1 cup has got nothing on you. Ya Dick.


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