Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I feel so small right now...

Dear Anonymous (Celia),
Sorry friend! It was wrong of us to jump to conclusions and not take your suggestion as genuine instead of sarcasm. Normally I don't do things like that and hate it when people do but now I am among that crowd and I hate it even more. Please accept our sincerest apology and know that we feel horrible for getting so worked up about something so silly. Apparently, we were both in combative moods that day (no excuse) and wanted to vent about something and your anonymous comment sparked our fury. We were punished that night by a raccoon that stole our cookies though. Seriously. We were sitting by the fire and the cookies were in between Andrew and Lisa's chairs and the raccoon just took them and ran off into the woods. So, again, please accept our apology and don't hate us for being dumb and presumptuous.

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Anonymous said...

The raccoon was actually me, I was just wearing a mask.

-anonymous (Celia)