Friday, July 25, 2008

RE:The voice of reason

This is why I heart my husband. Because we think the same. So here's my rant in not so fluid form...
Dear Anonymous,
How do you know the person that wins the money doesn't really need it? Who doesn't really need money right now anyway? 10 bucks means you only have to pay $40 out of your own pocket for gas instead of $50. 10 bucks means you can buy your mom a card and a box of chocolates to show her how much you love her. 10 bucks means you can take your girlfriend to McDonalds. And, we've already given much more than $30 to several organizations (World Vision and Campus Crusade were left off of my husband's list btw). So now we just want to give money to our friends. Sure, there are some selfish reasons behind it, like wanting people to read our blog and think it's funny and not take it too seriously, but if we have the money to give away, we can give it away to whomever or whatever we want. We could even give it to you so you could give it to the someone or something of your choosing, but you didn't leave your name so you lose.
Now I'm going camping.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys, it is Celia... I'm anonymous, more because I don't have an account and am too blog illiterate to figure out how to put my name with it. (It kept coming up as Dan.) I didn't mean to upset you with my comment... I know you guys are both giving people, I wasn't suggesting that you aren't giving. It was just a thought I had when I read the blog. I am very sorry that it bothered you guys... I didn't mean anything by it. I didn't realize it would make you both so angry. Please accept my apologies.
PS BONUS, I read your blog AND commented.

Anonymous said...

Celia: don't be sorry, just speak your mind. that's what ryan does! and i agree with your initial comment so please don't back down!
Ryan: you should listen to Celia more often. she's wise, giving, caring, and she's humble enough to apologize.

in mirth,