Friday, July 25, 2008

The voice of reason

So I felt the need to respond to this the moment I read it. I finally get someone to leave a comment, and as I’ve stated in the past I will respond to any comment left but I felt I should be especially hasty in responding to this one.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Who doesn't love money":

Why wouldn't you just give $30 to someone or something (an organization or what have you) who really needs it?

First and foremost the word that makes me so pissed I could scream is the first word I read, Anonymous. Now I understand if you don’t have a Google account so it wont show your real name but all you have to do to alleviate that is this.


Secondly and more importantly what gives you the right to tell me what I should or shouldn’t do with my money. How do you know what amount of money I give to people or organizations each year. You know why wouldn’t know, because you never asked you smart ass. I give substantial amounts of money to organizations like RadioU and Inner City Impact each year, you can also ask people I know that I tend to be the guy giving money to the homeless dude downtown who comes up to ask for it. So don’t question what I do with my money, its mine. I worked for it and if I want to pile it all up, slide down it and then set it on fire, so be it, I can do that.

Third, the point of doing it the way i'm doing is to get people to post and to get their freinds and family to read, is to entice them with cold hard cash. looks like it backfired on me because the only person who posted hates the idea of free money.

Finally you an idiot. Because If you would have left your name, you could have won at least 20 of the 30 dollars and then gone to the pound and saved a puppy from the gas chamber. Good on ya.


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Anonymous said...


this was the stupidest response to a comment i have ever read. now i'm wasting your time as you have wasted mine by writing this rediculous hullaballo on this rediculous jabberwocky of a blog.

i love you.