Thursday, July 24, 2008

Who doesn't love money

In my seeming rather futile quest to garner attention from the billions of people on the Internet and to get some type of back and forth dialog on this machine I’ve created I realized I’m going about it the wrong way. I’ve always hoped that people liked what I’ve had to say and that’s why you visit the blog and vote or leave a comment or whatever, but I now realize that’s completely wrong. You go to the blog hoping to find something you can relate to. We’ll I’ve been thinking about what everyone can relate to and this is what I’ve come up with:

1. Money

2. Sex

3. Pizza

4. A hatred of Canadians (they’re to nice not to be up to something)

We’re all slaves to the dollar in some shape or form, so here's how its going to be. between now and August 15th I will be giving away 30 dollars. thats right a real twenty dollars. 10 bucks will go to the person who posts the most comments between now and August 15th. the other 10 bucks will go to one person who posts a comment on a random blog of my choosing. you can back post on the blog, so go back through the archives and post on some old stuff. The last 10 dollars will go to one select person who clicks the little button in the corner to subscribe to the feed. When you subscribe kill two birds with one stone and post a comment saying you subscribed.

What this also means is that one ambitious person can win all three contests. Also Megan (who I decided to put on the payroll as a regular) and I will be posting ATLEAST ten new blogs between now and August 15th. Please post so you can take my money, Ya Jerks.



Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't you just give $30 to someone or something (an organization or what have you) who really needs it?

The origial Lew said...

Maybe I should get in on this. I'm sure you still owe me $10.

Anonymous said...


how bout donating your money to the poor instead? or i could use it to buy cigarettes. cigarettes or you giving it away = same thing.